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Sustainable Farming Diary Cows - Organic Dairy - Barambah Organics

Why Not All Milk Tastes The Same


Sustainable Farming Diary Cows - Organic Dairy - Barambah Organics

Does all milk taste the same? (clue: no!) 


How do you decide which bottle of milk to grab from the chiller? There are lots to choose from, but some are way more delicious than others.  Here’s why… 


Milk is one of the most important parts of the human diet as it’s packed full of vitamins, protein, calcium and Vitamin D.  


For babies and young children it contains nutrients essential for a healthy immune system and helps them develop strong bones, teeth, muscles and blood.  


 Oh, and its flavour is pretty good too! 


 But if you assume one brand pretty much tastes the same as another, you’re in for a big shock. Not all milk is created equal!


 At Barambah Organics, we know our fresh milk is as good as it gets – and there are plenty of reasons why that’s the case. 

Here’s how to make sure the bottle of creamy whiteness in your fridge is the yummiest it can be… 



 Homogenised vs non-homogenised 

Remember when you were a kid and the top of the milk was deliciously creamy? Often, there’d be a tussle over who got to open the new bottle and enjoy it over their Cornflakes. 


Well, these days, almost all the full-fat milk you buy in a supermarket has been subjected to a mechanical process called homogenisation to break the fat molecules into smaller sizes so they’re evenly spread throughout the carton.  


It’s mainly done to make the milk look better, but scientists have warned that there could be some potential dangers. For a start there’s evidence it makes more people lactose intolerant, while some studies have suggested it could lead to increases in heart disease as more fat enters the blood stream. 


At Barambah Organics, we don’t homogenise our milk as we like it to taste as nature intended 



Organic vs non-organic 


Barambah Organics’ milk comes from our three dairy farms in Queensland and the north of NSW where the cows are free to roam in the lush meadows of nutrient-rich grass. We don’t inject them with bovine growth hormones or antibiotics so the milk they produce is the purest and most natural there is.  


It’s good for the cows, good for the environment and it tastes so much better! 


But don’t just take our word for it.  


A blind tasting by Kitchen Daily found more people preferred the taste of organic milk than regular. It also found: 

  • Organic milk was rated as thirst-quenching, richer in flavour, smother and creamier.  
  • Regular milk was described as more watery with a slightly plastic taste. 

Other surveys and blind tastings have come to the same conclusion: organic milk really does have the edge.  


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Fresh vs UHT 


UHT stands for ‘ultra heat treatment’ and means the milk has been heated to 140° C for a few seconds so an unopened carton can be kept for around six months. Normal milk is processed at 74°C for 15 seconds to kill any harmful bacteria. 


Long life milk has a slightly cooked, stale and oversweet flavour due to sulphur compounds formed during the thermal processing.  A major study in 2018 found you could actually taste the sulphur, giving it a distinct ‘eggy’ flavour.  


We reckon it’s OK to have a small carton in the pantry for emergencies, but nothing beats the flavour of fresh milk. 



Winners vs losers 

Even if two bottles both contain fresh, non-homogenised, organic milk, it doesn’t mean they’ll taste exactly the same.  


Another thing to look out for is how many awards they’ve won. Every type of Barambah Organics milk has won Australia’s most prestigious prizes for flavour and quality.  


In fact we’ve won more medals than any other organic dairy! Find out more here


Our Full Cream Milk scooped gold medals at the Sydney Royal Show in 2020 and 2021 while our Skim Milk took home gold at the last two DIAA Awards! 


So, it turns out you can’t be sure that every sip of milk will be the same. 


But one thing that can be guaranteed is that once you’ve tasted Barambah Organics, nothing else will do!